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Safran Packaging Business Development History


After the millennium, China's economic development has sailed to the highway, the living standards of the people have improved significantly, and the development potential of the food packaging machinery industry has also been released. The huge food market has attracted the participation of people of insight, especially in the packaging machinery industry, which is closely related to food safety and production. Shanghai Saifeng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 under such a large environment.

At the beginning of its establishment, Long Jiayue, the founder of Shanghai Saifeng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., relied on the love and persistence of the packaging equipment industry to produce and sell sealing machines, balers and vertical granules in a factory rented less than 200 square meters. / Powder / sauce liquid packaging machine is the main packaging machinery. In the production and sales, he constantly sums up the sales experience and enhances the customer's needs. With his efforts and persistence, he proves his determination to start a business, and because of his spirit of not giving up, the company is leading him. Next, sales continue to increase, achieving a performance leap again and again.

In this situation of expanding market demand, Long Jiayue, the founder of technology, predicted the future development trend of the packaging machine industry. He knew that if he wanted to survive in the packaging machinery industry, he must have his own brand and be his own. product. Therefore, in 2009, Safran Company transformed and leased a factory of 2,000 square meters, and established a professional enterprise integrating packaging machinery technology design, consulting, production, sales and after-sales--Shanghai Jiaqi Machinery Co., Ltd., the main product For: triangle bag tea packaging machine, triangle bag inside and outside bag machine, triangle bag inside and outside bag split machine, triangle tea bag supplies labeling machine, hanging ear coffee packaging machine, vertical granule / powder / sauce liquid packaging machine. The advanced market grasp and good management have made Jiaqi Machinery rank among the ranks of advanced enterprises in just a few years. The products are sold not only in 23 provinces and cities, but also in Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, Eastern Europe and other countries. It has won the favor and praise of consumers at home and abroad.

As the company continues to expand and employees continue to flow in, at this time, Saifeng founder Long Jiayue as the family leader, he feels that if you want to make the company bigger and better, let employees have better benefits, It is necessary to have its own factory in order to expand production scale, form a larger technical team, and serve more customers. 

Finally, in 2015, the founder Long Jiayue built his own factory in Yaozhuang, Zhejiang Jiashan, and established Zhejiang Saifeng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., which opened a new journey. It is believed that every transformation of Safran Packaging Machinery will have a monumental significance for the future development of the company.

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